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Martell marks 300 years with augmented reality art exhibition

Bates CHI&Partners Singapore has launched an augmented reality art exhibition, showcasing new artworks by 15 local artists to be juxtaposed against Singapore’s skyline in the Marina Bay area through a mobile app.

This is part of an integrated marketing campaign to mark the 300th anniversary of Martell, one of the oldest cognac houses in the world.

Martell has a rich heritage and a consistent dedication to art and culture. As Martell’s Tricentenary year coincided with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the idea was for Martell to gift the nation, which prides itself on excellence and an important arts hub in Asia, with a ground-breaking art experience. This led to a permanent art exhibition in the air, free for access by anyone with a smartphone, alive in the skies of Singapore called ‘The Martell AiR Gallery’.

The Martell AiR Gallery is claimed to be the first fully-fledged art show in Singapore to be created using AR technology. The app is downloadable from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Curated by Kelley Cheng, one of the best-known figures in the art and design scene in Singapore, the Martell AiR Gallery features an exhibition titled Zoe – The Art of the Alchemist. Using geo-tagging technology, viewers will be prompted to point their mobile devices at specific locations where the artworks, ranging from animated clips, virtual sculptures to even poetry, can be accessed through the app.

Gaurav Sabharwal, Managing Director at Pernod Ricard Singapore said, “To commemorate this momentous year for both Singapore and the House of Martell, we are proud to present the Martell AiR Gallery as a gift to the nation. When Bates CHI&Partners responded to our brief with a brave and big idea that connected Martell and Singapore through our shared interest in art, we were immediately sold. Together with Bates CHI&Partners, we created the first augmented reality gallery in Singapore’s skies that can be enjoyed by everyone and that is most rewarding.”

Christina Chong, Managing Director of Bates CHI&Partners Singapore said, “When we received the brief, we knew the task at hand was to create something more than a glitzy Martell Tricentenary event. We saw an opportunity for Martell to present Singapore, in its 50th year, with a gift that not just celebrates its past achievements, but is also forward looking and futuristic in nature. We set out to create a gift that would be symbolic and befitting of a legendary brand that has 300 years of ‘forward thinking’ in its blood. Anticipating a future for art, in which technology makes the boundaries of gallery walls a thing of the past, the Martell AiR Gallery was conceived to make art accessible to anyone in Singapore, including her visitors. “

As a permanent exhibition space, the Martell AiR Gallery will also become a platform to nurture and support local art talent. There are plans to engage with the local government agencies to roll out the collection to different parts of Singapore, and eventually using the whole of Singapore as a canvas.

Bates CHI&Partners collaborated with creative digital production company MediaMonks to bring to life the works of 15 multi-disciplinary local artists.

Bas Muller, Executive Producer at MediaMonks said, “Finding a fresh way to bring never-before-seen art to the public together with Bates CHI&Partners and Martell has been a rewarding experience for us. It’s been particularly gratifying to see how the artists responded to the final product.”

Apart from the app, the campaign extends itself to a series of touchpoints where Martell’s cultural ambassadors – including Chef Justin Quek and Mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong – as experts in their respective fields, translated their insights on Martell to bespoke culinary and tasting experiences in their own establishments.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.