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Meltwater launches data science platform Fairhair.ai

In the quest to become data-driven, companies are increasingly investing in Business Intelligence software to gain a competitive advantage. Yet the insights generated by those tools are mostly fueled by data from within a company’s walls, instead of the real-time market signals found externally online – from consumer opinions to corporate filings. This outside data can unlock key indicators about an industry or competitor, but harnessing the volume and variety of global data is a time-intensive task. And although advances in artificial intelligence have made it easier to capture and analyze this data to create powerful insights, most commercial AI tools are one-size-fits-all models with limited capabilities.

Keeping this in mind, Meltwater is opening up its AI platform, Fairhair.ai, to give developers and data scientists the tools to:
• Connect and organize internal and external data by a knowledge graph
• Access pre-trained, configurable AI models
• Create real-time insights to make forward-looking, data-driven decisions

Originally developed to power Meltwater’s media intelligence and social analytics products, Fairhair.ai – as an open data science platform – makes it easier for businesses to gain a real-time pulse on everything from market research to risk management.

“We quickly realized our AI platform had far more potential, beyond Meltwater’s core products, to democratize competitive insights created from real-time online data. Fairhair.ai goes beyond Business Intelligence by filling the gap between historic trends and real-time market indicators, and predict what’s ahead with forward-looking insights – a practice we call Outside Insight. In spite of being the most valuable source for forward-looking indicators, online data is the biggest blind spot today in corporate decision-making. Historically, online data has been hard to track and analyze in a systematic and rigorous way because of it sheer scale, plethora of data types, and its multitude of languages. Fairhair.ai addresses many of these challenges and helps companies analyze the noisy and messy web to better understand their competitive landscape,” said Jorn Lyseggen, Meltwater’s founder and CEO.

Fairhair.ai gives developers the tools to leverage the platform’s library of pre-trained AI models or train their own models to create advanced analytics.

Fairhair.ai also makes it easy to integrate this knowledge graph with any organization’s internal data and existing models. For example, companies can integrate Fairhair.ai into enterprise risk management – such as navigating complex supply chains. The platform’s powerful knowledge graph can trace events through global supply chains, connecting suppliers, products, and their dependencies. “Existing AI platforms often require a lot of expertise and experimentation to be effective. They also don’t help with the expensive and difficult preparation of data. Fairhair.ai provides a fast-track to reap the benefits of AI and advanced insights by opening up access to our data and models organized in a knowledge graph,” said Aditya Jami, CTO and Head of AI at Meltwater.

“Fairhair.ai not only includes access to a very large knowledge graph that has been enriched by lots of feature extractors, but significant analytical capabilities with all of today’s best AI tools integrated together for researchers and students,” said Nyberg, director of the Master’s Program in Computational Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Fairhair.ai is working closely with select Meltwater Enterprise clients and academic partners ahead of making services available to the wider developer and data science community later this year.