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Mobile app downloads in India increased by 129% in 2015

Mobile marketing firms InMobi and TUNE analysed the biggest mobile usage trends in the year gone by and have released a report ‘2015 Mobile India a Year in Review’. The report highlights that India being the third largest smartphone market accounts for nine per cent of the world’s application downloads.  The report cites that mobile app downloads have increased by 129 per cent in 2015 as compared to 2014 with the top three being shopping, entertainment, and gaming applications.

With Indian users opening new apps installed over five times within a 14 day look back window as compared to an average opening rate of two times in 2014, Android has become the preferred platform in 2015 growing at 75 per cent as compared to 2014. Also, Indian users have managed to double their app loyalty as compared to 2014, becoming the top users of downloaded apps. Among the Android devices, Samsung, Motorola and Micromax were the top three devices of 2015.

Travel apps witnessed the fastest growth with installs increasing by 474 per cent as compared to 2014 followed by communication and social apps at 163 per cent. This was driven by the competition between various cab services, as well as increased popularity of travel-booking apps. Communication and social apps continued to prove their worth as essential means for keeping in touch with friends, family, and colleagues.

In the weeks leading up to Diwali, the report states that app usage saw high activity, especially during October to early November, following which it saw a decline of 35 per cent. The report states that the reason for the decline is because the users started focusing off-line during the holidays.

Interestingly, according to the report India leads the growth, both in the mobile messaging app market and in installing applications by clicking on advertisements. As compared to 2014, the mobile messaging app market saw a 47.4 per cent growth with 127 million users and nearly a quarter of all apps installed overall are a result of paid advertising.

As per eMarketer, by 2017, India will overtake the United States as the second largest smartphone market globally, following China. However, when it comes to mobile ad spend, India only represents one per cent of the world’s total.