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Mobile high on General Electric’s 2015 marketing agenda in India

The mobile industry in India is thriving as marketers see mobile penetration pick up in urban and rural areas alike. However, it is going to be the rural areas which will provide tremendous opportunities to brands in India and create newer markets. To create a niche in these, brands will be compelled to employ innovative mobile marketing strategies to catch the attention of the fresh consumer.

Amit Bajaj, GE - South Asia

Amit Bajaj, GE – South Asia

Mobile will define the next wave of innovations in the advertising industry in the India market. “By 2020, the penetration is going to increase multifold in even tier II and tier III cities, which will show a 300 times jump from 2010 and till date. Going forward, mobile is the way to go on the back of way they are formulating their strategies for mobile advertising,” said Amit Bajaj, Communications Leader of Brand and Social Media at General Electric.

He also emphasised on the need of mobile optimised platform for the brands as the ones without it stand the risk of losing out on a large portion of consumers in India. “As digital marketers, we must ensure that all our communication channels such as web etc should be mobile optimised. It is a basic requirement today,” Mr Bajaj added.

Increased internet penetration in India will drive mobile marketing growth as the purchasing power will rise and the cost of data plans will fall. Eventually, causing a substantial shift in the mobile ad spends in India.

By the end of 2014, internet users in India stood close to 300 million while mobile internet users were slated at 173 million and by June 2015 this number is expected to reach 213 million. As we complete two months into 2015, the mobile story for India continues to surprise.

Mobile marketers are constantly debating whether to develop a mobile application for their brand or a social media strategy will be more effective. Mr Bajaj suggested, “App is a part of the social media strategy. They go hand in hand. Mobile app is the place where the brands places all its content, run all its contests, manage user database and send push messages, but social media is promoting all that the brand has on its app.”

Predominantly, social media marketing routes all its customers from social media platform to its app and eventually lead to the final purchase. However, it is imperative that the brand engages its customer through interesting content on social media. “Content is king, if your content is not sustainable then you should not build an app as it needs constant updates. People should come back, so the app cannot be static,” Mr Bajaj concluded.