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Node launches Artificial Intuition platform to predict business outcomes

Node has unveiled its Artificial Intuition platform, an advanced automated machine learning technology. Node’s new platform uses cutting edge AI to enable businesses to rapidly deploy and scale product features that allow their customers to drive transformational outcomes across sales, marketing, recruiting, investing, and more.

Node’s Artificial Intuition platform leverages advanced deep learning to generate predictions: train it on examples of people and/or companies that represent opportunities for your business — such as your highest-paying customers — and Node will recognize the signals that drive those outcomes and recommend new opportunities that you might have otherwise missed. Deep learning has been proven to operate at superhuman levels powering self-driving cars, language translation and more. Node is the first turnkey AI-as-a-service platform focused on powering predictable business outcomes, which enterprises can use to quickly and seamlessly build advanced AI into both customer-facing and internal applications without investing years and millions of dollars on risky AI experiments.

“What if you had knowledge of the future before it happens? If you knew in advance that customer is likely to churn, that a key employee is likely to leave, or a prospect is likely to turn into your biggest customer all within the context of the applications you use on a daily basis — that would be a game changer for businesses,” said Node CEO Falon Fatemi. “These are all examples of the dynamic predictions Node can power in third party applications.”

Node has been quietly working with well known category creating companies including Information Builders (Business Intelligence), Yesware (Sales Engagement), Nimble CRM (Contact Management), ConnectAndSell (Sales Acceleration), Aventri (B2B Events Management) who are leveraging Node to invent the future of their respective markets (see customer testimonials below boilerplate).

Node’s technical team includes Louis Monier, who created Alta Vista, and new Chief Product Officer Michael Radovancevich. Having spent over three decades connecting people with opportunity at massive scale at the independent ad-tech exchange OpenX and human capital management platform Taleo both before and after it was acquired for $1.9 billion by Oracle, Radovancevich is leading all product development across engineering and product management at Node.

“I’ve led large organizations through transitions from traditional deterministic approaches to leveraging deep learning. For complex business problems deep learning wins every time. We are swimming in a torrent of data and we need Artificial Intuition to help us make sense of the changing patterns and signals and move beyond data analysis to true predictions that drive the business outcomes we care about,” said Radovancevich. “The Node platform enables a new era of game-changing AI-first applications that solve the most challenging complex business and consumer problems, connecting people with opportunity faster and at scale.”

Node has also secured $16 million in a new financing round that includes funding from existing investors such as Mark Cuban, Avalon Ventures, NEA, NewView Capital, GingerBread Capital, Canaan Partners, and new investors including JetBlue Technology Ventures, Will Smith’s Dreamers Fund, MS&AD, Wharton Alumni Fund, Plum Alley, and former Google and Microsoft executive James Whittaker. The company has now raised $36 million in total financing.

“Node is one of the most advanced AI platforms out there. It’s the closest thing we’ve seen to artificial general intelligence,” said Vik Sasi from Will Smith’s Dreamers Fund. “Falon and her team are fundamentally changing the way companies leverage AI and making world-class deep learning technology available to anyone.”

“In a world of data overload, the future of business intelligence is all about proactive insights,” said Frank Vella, CEO of Information Builders. “Businesses today, especially those with fewer resources to make investments in AI talent, data aggregation, and ongoing normalization, are at a competitive disadvantage. With Node Artificial Intuition working in tandem with our analytics platform, businesses can drive intelligent predictions to deliver transformational outcomes at a fraction of the cost.”

“Acquiring new customers is critical to every business, but workflow technology advancement has unfortunately enabled businesses to deploy a ‘spray and pray’ strategy that has overloaded our inboxes,” says Joel Stevenson, CEO of Yesware. “With Node, we’re investing in AI features that enable our customers to identify highly relevant sales opportunities for their businesses, which necessitates smart and targeted communication to the right decision-makers, at the right time, at the right companies.”