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Olay tells Chinese women to be fearless of age

This Women’s Day, Olay brought powerful female icons Lin Chiling, He Shui, Gao Yuan Yuan and more than 100 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) together to share personal stories that represent what it means to have no fear of age, to defy age taboos and judgment facing women in China.

Olay dared these women and millions more to engage in this taboo topic in China openly, and created a movement behind the belief that “the number that defines a woman is not her age, but her fearless story”.

This campaign comes to life through intimate films, as Lin Chiling, He Shui and Gao Yuan Yuan shared personal untold stories about their stories of proudest achievements, and how this number defines them rather than their age and the tensions that come with it.

In social, 100 female KOLs from different backgrounds also share their own fearless stories. Simultaneously, a special Women’s Day publication from the collaboration between Olay and Bazaar will also feature 20 women, documenting what number they believe defines them and goes into the detail of their ups and downs.

In one of the busiest subway stations in Shanghai, Olay also turned the area into a library – where all the fearless stories collected are turned into a collection of book covers. This will also be the backdrop for Pear Video, a popular digital news platform in China, to carry out street interviews with all women about the theme.

Lastly, Olay’s online hub not only featured the assets of the campaign, but also invited other women to be the face of this movement, allowing them to customise the designs, the number that best represents them and their quote, to be shared as a social badge.