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Online Marketing Gurus expands operations to Singapore

Australian search and digital agency, Online Marketing Gurus, has set its sights on global expansion, opening new offices in Dallas, Texas and Singapore.

The move is part of a fast growth trajectory for the award-winning agency. Launched in 2012, Online Marketing Gurus now services over 350 clients and has a team of over 100. The agency is on track to hit $20 million in revenue this year, without making acquisitions or taking outside investment.

CEO of Online Marketing Gurus, Andrew Raso is looking forward to bringing the agency’s award-winning suite of digital services including SEO, Google Ads, social media advertising and content marketing services to the US and Singapore.

“Exciting things are happening in the Singapore and US markets right now. Digital is maturing to become much more sophisticated in Singapore, following a greater reliance on traditional marketing channels. It is the perfect time for Online Marketing Gurus to bring our proven strategies from Australia to the rest of Asia.

“The US is a hugely competitive market when it comes to digital, but like Australia there is a dearth of agencies servicing the middle market. In Australia, we have been able to meet the needs of medium sized companies as well as enterprises really well – delivering the results and credibility of a big agency with the attention and time of a small agency. Our goal is to fill this gap in the US market.

“It’s also a really exciting time to be in Dallas, Texas. The city is a major innovation hub with several high tech companies now based there. We’re excited to join the ranks of other tech players in what has been dubbed the ‘next Silicon Valley’.”

Raso believes that as an Australian company, Online Marketing Gurus is well placed to compete with global players.

“I have a huge amount of respect for Australian companies which have found success. It’s a smaller market with higher wages, higher taxes and a lot of offshore competition, especially in Asia. Word of mouth can make or break you. I’m a firm believer that if you can make it in Australia, you can make it anywhere. We’re confident this will prove true for Online Marketing Gurus.”