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Over 40 per cent of global internet users are from APAC: comScore

Internet users in Asia Pacific continue to grow at a much faster pace than any other market. A report from comScore, Southeast Asia Digital Future in Focus 2013, states that six countries from Southeast Asia are home to an online population in access of 62 million. Over 40 percent of global internet users are now based in Asia Pacific with an audience of 644 million. And Southeast Asian markets account for approximately 10 percent of the APAC internet population.

With 16.1 million monthly internet users, Vietnam now has the largest online population in Southeast Asia.

The report  indicates that growth in the region is driven by younger power users. Internet users in Vietnam and Thailand spend the greatest amount of time online, which is clearly explained by a significantly large percentage of population under the age of 35.

Multi-platform device usage in Southeast Asia varies significantly by time of day. Desktop internet usage dominates during work hours, while mobile phones and tablets are relatively more popular during the evening hours.

But the more important point to note here is that the online video audience in Southeast Asia grew around 8 per cent in the last year. Genres such as music, movies and other entertainment sites get more visitors and time spent in the region than global averages. YouTube continues to be ranked as the top entertainment website in each of the Southeast Asian markets.

Reiterating the significant role that APAC plays for social networks, the report has said that social networking still captures majority of screen time. Facebook continues to be the number one social network across markets in Southeast Asia. The region boasts three of Facebook’s top 15 markets ranked by visitor penetration. Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr are also gaining popularity in the region as the Social Networking category captures the largest percentage of consumers’ time in the region.

Another important point that surfaces in the report is the importance of e-commerce in the region. Local and regional online retail setups are beginning to capture the Southeast Asian online audience. In the online travel category, low cost airlines and meta-search platforms see healthy traffic.