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Pedigree gets dogs to help kids learn to read

For almost 40 per cent of kids, learning to read is a struggle. Their lack of confidence and their fear of making mistakes hold them back. But with the right teacher, they can progress almost three times faster in their reading.

‘Read to a Dog,’ BBDO Guerrero’s latest campaign for Pedigree Philippines, launched with an online film that tells the story of a boy who has trouble reading, until a dog comes into his life.

“Dogs appear to be welcoming listeners to children. Children become more willing to take risks in their reading, no matter how many mistakes they make, because after all, no one else will react,” explained Glenda Gloria, a reading specialist at Med Mom Child Development Clinic.

Mars South East Asia Marketing Director for Petcare Chaliya Suchato said, “We are very excited to hear from our consumers how they liked the newly launched Pedigree Philippines campaign. This is an important step for us to expand this exciting opportunity and support consumers on how to care for their pets in the best way. As the category leader, it is our responsibility to set an example.”

“It’s a moving insight that is authentic, and it led us to a strong idea that can easily travel across markets because of its relevance,” said David Guerrero, Creative Chairman of BBDO Guerrero.

The campaign is the Asia-Pacific iteration of the brand’s global platform ‘Feed the Good,’ encouraging pet owners to bring out the good in their dogs with Pedigree after showing how dogs bring out the good in us.

The positive response to the campaign has encouraged the brand to pursue additional initiatives. BBDO Guerrero and Pedigree have since partnered with the Reading Association of the Philippines and have hosted events where kids of all ages can try reading to a dog for themselves.

The online film is directed by Joel Limchoc from Film Pabrika. The creative team behind the work includes Meggy De Guzman, Manuel Villafania, Michelle Edu, Caleb Cosico, Alexis Dy, and Toby Amigo.