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P&G launches spot on forgiveness for Ramadan

P&G has been creating stories that bring alive the essence of Ramadan over the last few years – forgiveness and starting afresh. This year, with the Indonesian election taking place -the insight of making choices and accepting the choices of others, also came into play.

With the country having just gone through an election, P&G Indonesia, and Grey Group Indonesia recognised the fact that the “Pilihan Presiden 2019” (2019 Presidential Election) will mean Indonesians having to make choices and to take sides. Party lines will be drawn even between the closest of relationships; couples, friends, and family members – including that close-but-often-contentious relationship: Mothers and Daughters.

Together with Grey Group Indonesia, P&G launched a film, #AkuPilihMaafIbu (I Elect Mother’s Forgiveness), which brought to life the story of a mother & daughter – with opposing views through the early years of her adulthood. The highest point of tension comes when a mother is faced with a daughter, whose views are the opposite of her own; a mother who feels as though her daughter is rejecting everything she has worked so hard to teach. But, at the end of the day, no matter how different the choices, it is the choice to forgive and accept each other that makes the bonds between mothers and daughters even stronger.

“In this trying period where frayed nerves between mothers and daughters are pulled even further, we wanted every Indonesian daughter to remember all the sacrifices Mom has made – on the surface, it may seem as though Mom is always sitting on the other side of the fence. In reality, what a mother really yearns is for her daughter’s forgiveness and acceptance, especially during Lebaran,” said Aldrich Gopal, Country Marketing Head, P&G Indonesia. “We wanted to give mothers & daughters two precious minutes to spend together this Ramadan – through the #AkuPilihMaafIbu film.”

“For us, the creative challenge was to be able to bring alive a story of forgiveness, especially during an election, and yet be able to bring out the beauty and love that only a mother and daughter relationship shares,” added Subbaraju Alluri, Chief Executive Officer, Grey Indonesia & Thailand.

The film was launched online and on social media on 18 Apr 2019. It has received over 2.7+ million views as of 3 May 2019.