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Playing the emotional card in brand marketing

A lot of us talk about film scenes that have brought tears to our eyes but ever wondered that increasingly even brands are taking the same route in their 30-second television commercials? Among the most recent trends in the advertising industry in India, the most prominent one is the evolution in the branding content for advertisers. Marketers are increasingly looking for content that will help them have a lasting impression on the consumer and enhance its recall value.

As the marketing industry in India matures, marketers have realised that they need something more than just a banner ad pushing the consumer to make a purchase. The branding content has to be carved out in a manner that it builds the sense of need around the product which will compel the user of make the purchase. And human emotion has turned out to the most effective in such a scenario.

“Consumers are looking for content these day and it should be successful in driving emotions of the consumer that will eventually hook them to the service,” said Ankita Tandon, Chief Operation Officer of CouponDunia talking about their campaign which they conceptualised around the spirit of Mother’s day.

CouponDunia had released its restaurant coupons six months earlier but it was the occasion of Mother’s Day that actually gained traction for the product. In ad campaign these days, it is crucial to strike an emotional chord with the people, added Ms Tandon.

Vineet Gupta, Managing Director at 22feet Tribal Worldwide pointed out that in order to differentiate its services from the clutter in the market, it is important to build an emotional connect with the consumer that will draw him towards it.

“Over the years, story-telling format of advertiser have evolved and further innovation in media has lead to better visibility for the brand. The inclusion of emotion content in advertisement have made them more engaging,” Mr Gupta added.

No matter how innovative the idea of the campaign be but it must be ‘believable’ and ‘relatable’. Creative officers of agency talks about keeping their ads as close to real life as possible. Rajiv Rao, National Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather talking about the Vodafone’s Retirement Farewell ad said that it was the casting of the ad which helped them enhance the effectiveness of the ad. “I loved the casting of the commercial. The old man was so simple and I think that we got the casting just right that made the commercial so real and so genuine,” said Mr Rao.

Other example of such ‘emotional ads’ include Snapdeal’s Dil Ki Deal, Practo’s Mother’s Day campaign, PaperBoat’s Childhood memories, Joyalukaas, and MakeMyTrip’s Uncancel feature that reunited estranged father and son. Such ads have been successful in striking an emotional chord with the consumer and engaged them. While making a purchase, consumers will thus look beyond the quality and revert to the  emotional the product that initiated.