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Quikr joins the rebranding bandwagon

In 2007, Vodafone acquired controlling stake service provider Hutch Essar and re-launched the brand with its big-band campaign with tagline, ‘Change is good’. Later in 2010, Airtel too made a rebranding and a reposition move in the telecom industry. Eight years late now, Quikr, the cross category classifieds business category jumped onto the bandwagon with ‘Aasan hai badalna.’

Pranay Chulet, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quikr said, “At its very core, our purpose as a company is to help our users achieve their aspirations and hence enhance their lives. Our platform symbolises the fact that good things in life are easy to get. Whether people come to us to buy something good or to sell something because they are buying something else, our users always experience positive change when they come to us. Our new logo and brand identity represents this change and the world of new possibilities that comes with it.”

Quikr has defined its repositioning as its journey in the market and its growing market share in the Indian classifieds industry. It is servicing various categories across the board such as cars, real estate, goods, services and even jobs. The platform claims to be pioneer in product innovations to buyers and sellers, such as the Missed Call service for new users, Maximum Selling Price (MSP) to help users get the best price range for their goods. Further in its mobile journey, Quikr launched its mobile app Quikr Nxt to take the business to the mobile messaging platform and safeguard user’s information.

With ’Aasan hai badalna’, Quikr seeks to connect and establish a relationship with the youth of the country who are primary users of online classified service businesses.

The company’s new logo and brand identity were crafted by Alok Nanda & Company. Alok Nanda, Chief Executive Officer of the company said, “From a design perspective, the ‘Q’ in Quikr is a designer’s dream and has been fashioned to suggest positive change in its users’ lives. The logo retains the blue and green colours for which the company is recognised and the new font is contemporary, yet sleek with a sense of speed which is integral to the name Quikr. The power of Quikr’s new identity will truly express itself in the online, digital and traditional media.”

Over the last few months, brands have been on a re-branding and positioning spree to suit the changing dynamics of the market. In the ecommerce ecosystem, companies such as Flipkart and Zomato have already changed its look for the new consumer and integrate the new feature. However, ecommerce player and Quikr’s peer OLX.in has not detailed any plans yet to join the league of rebranded icons in the Indian market.

Evolution and entry of newer players into the marketing and advertising arena of India calls for brands to reposition themselves which will help them differentiate from market rivals and have an edge in the market. Brands in India can continue to ditch colour theme and logo but its product offering against its competitors will continue to play a pivotal role in differentiation.

Traditional marketers may be skeptic in playing around it the old theme of the brand and keep away from rebranding and rather enjoy the glory of its tradition. But it is hard to follow the ‘Old is Gold’ rule in the ecommerce ecosystem where the evolving technology is changing business dynamics everyday and adding fresh consumer base.