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RHB Bank breaks the language barrier in new spot

Created by FCB Kuala Lumpur, the latest edition to RHB Group’s Challenger Series is inspired by the true story of Amy Mistaka, also known as Cikgu (Teacher) Orked, who went the extra mile to overcome the language barrier between her and a recluse student, Yip Kah Szhen.

Titled ‘Breaking Barriers’, the commercial is a first for a Malaysian bank to actively champion a public-school teacher. Not only that, the film’s narrative deliberately steers it away from the usual celebratory depictions of Hari Raya but rather builds on the tenets of open hearts and minds synonymous to that period.

Speaking on the campaign, Abdul Sani Abdul Murad, Group Chief Marketing Officer of the RHB Group said, “We found that Amy’s story showcasing her determination to break down the communication barrier with a reclusive student embodies what the RHB brand stands for. She could have taken the easy route and made it someone else’s problem but it was her challenger spirit made her do otherwise and that has created a lasting, positive impact. Not just on Kah Szhen’s life but to her’s as well.”

Ong Shi Ping, FCB Group Malaysia’s Co-owner & Chief Creative Officer expressed hope that the film would serve as an inspiration to take storytelling beyond the expected narrative tropes, “Do a film…you’ll get some views. Inspire a change within hearts and minds…you’ll get something greater…real progress. Isn’t that what we should be striving for?”

The campaign launched on Teacher’s Day, May 16 2019, and has since garnered 4 million views, 12,000 likes and a positive response from viewers including Dr Maszlee Malik, Malaysia’s Minister of Education who shared it on his own Facebook page.