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Segment your content marketing efforts

Content marketing has been one of the greatest boons to many a B2B marketer over the past few years, as the discipline is becoming increasingly defined. The ability to blog and developed owned editorial content is proving to be a great workaround for many brands who want to reach out directly to their customers but do not possess the requisite budgets to purchase media space.

That said, content (in the form of blogs and content microsites) is still being predominantly written from a one-size fits all perspective. While a lot of effort has obviously gone into researching the audience and buyer persona, we have to be cognizant that not all your customers have the same behavioural patterns, or even exhibit the same needs. Content marketers need to start thinking as though they were running an email campaign – how many segments are you talking to and how can you customise the content for each of those segments? In essence, start thinking about using segmentation to better enhance the outcomes of content marketing – which are essentially all about generating leads. The more personal the message is to the customer, the better. Content marketers always talk about creating great content, but by adding on that extra layer of targeted relevance to your customer, you can make the content work even harder.

Use tags and preferences
For starters, the Amazon model is something which can also be applied to content marketing. Through the use of cookies and content tags, you can start determining which content is most often read by your visitors, and ensure that this is served up to them once they land on the site. Having a more personalised (as compared to a generic) home / landing page that caters to your readers’ specific interests will ensure that their level of engagement with your content increases. The other option is to get readers to state their preferences upon them landing on your site so that you can serve up the most relevant content for their reading pleasure.

You can also extend the approach into content subscriptions, creating various newsletters (instead of one) based on the topics that you cover and get your readers to subscribe to the ones that are most relevant to them.

Technical considerations
However, this model then requires a whole new approach to site-building as well. Serving up content via a basic blog template like WordPress may not allow you to leverage the functionalities described above, and you may need to then invest in developing a more advanced content site and work with your WordPress development company to incorporate these functionalities. You might also want to rope in and integrate the customer data from your CMS and marketing automation platform so that you truly have a holistic view of your customer segments and from there determine how you want to structure your site for the various audiences.

In summary, like all other digital marketing disciplines, showing your audience segments more targeted and relevant content will ultimately help them better connect with your brand, which in the long run translates into improved lead generation and conversion rates – better business outcomes overall.

Julian Chow

Julian Chow is a Digital Consultant at Text100 in Singapore. Mr Chow has been with Text 100 Singapore for four years, and leads new business development for integrated communications briefs along with providing client counsel for digital, PR and integrated communications accounts on a strategic level. His client roster past and present covers big brands such as Lenovo, SanDisk, BlackBerry, Nokia, Cisco, Adobe, ZUJI, Red Hat, Gemalto, Schneider Electric and PayPal, covering a host of activities spanning social media marketing, community management, advocacy programmes, direct marketing, event marketing, blogger engagement and media relations. Mr Chow's work on two campaigns, Nokia Rangers and Flip Your Profile for Cisco Consumer Products, was nominated for the Holmes Report Global and APAC SABRE Awards, with the Flip Your Profile Campaign eventually bagging the award for Best Blogger Outreach on a global and APAC level, while the Nokia Rangers Campaign won Best Multi-Market Campaign in APAC.