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SEO Techniques and Technology

Internet search engines have become the dominant force in driving traffic to a company’s Website. As a result, marketing executives and Website managers find themselves locked in a battle with their competitors to gain optimal placement on search engine results pages. The real winners are those companies that can maintain high search engine results consistently over time.

Many leading companies today are harnessing the power of emerging technologies to achieve search engine optimization, or SEO. This paper discusses best practices and techniques for improving and sustaining SEO and maximizing your results for generating inbound traffic to your Website. The discussion will focus on modern and emerging technologies that provide specific tools and functionality so that you, the reader, can become competitive or take a leadership role with your own SEO program and processes.

Finally, you will view the next-generation technologies from Sitecore that optimize your search engine marketing. Sitecore provides a Web Content Management solution that enables marketing executives and website managers to organize and streamline their SEO efforts.


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