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Sizmek partners with DoubleVerify, comScore & IAS on video metrics

Sizmek Inc., the independent buy-side advertising platform has partnered with DoubleVerify, comScore and Integral Ad Science (IAS) to grant advertisers greater workflow efficiency for HTML5 video measurement.

Working in tandem with Sizmek’s data enablement, creative optimization and media execution capabilities, Sizmek’s Verification API framework provides a unified, streamlined way of trafficking, as opposed to manually wrapping and sending tags back and forth between technology providers, which can delay campaign launches, amplify human error, and add experience-impacting latency.

“Our customers demand greater control and transparency in an increasingly complex ecosystem. These partnerships are critical to supporting our clients to the fullest and showcases our commitment to helping customers realise the benefits of a unified platform that sits across the entirety of the media plan,” said Mike Caprio, Chief Growth Officer at Sizmek.

“With the enormous growth in digital video advertising, it’s critical that technical platforms can deliver the speed and accuracy necessary to support the client demand. We applaud Sizmek for investing in the underlying technology and integration that support the most advanced levels of 3rdparty video measurement and authentication,” said Steve Woolway, SVP of Business Development at DoubleVerify.

The HTML5 video framework is fully supported by Sizmek’s In-Stream HTML5-based VPAID and In-Stream Enhanced Video formats.

“We continuously aim to not only increase operational efficiencies, but empower our clients to be proactive about their media quality. Through this integration with Sizmek, ads that will not meet client’s expectations of brand safety, ad fraud, and/or geo-compliance can be blocked from ever serving,” said Harmon Lyons, SVP of Business Development, at IAS.

“Clients increasingly demand assurance that their ads are viewable and seen by real consumers. Our industry-leading verification solutions bring this accountability to digital advertising, and our partnership with Sizmek gives clients an even more efficient way to benefit from those services,” said Steve Ahlberg, SVP of digital advertising products at comScore.