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Tcc & KargoCard Partner-up

Tcc and KargoCard announces partnership to bring omnichannel retail loyalty programs to China

Tcc is committed to leading mass retail loyalty in China’s dynamic, fast-paced and rapidly developing digital economy. tcc China and their partners empower our retail clients to meet their omnichannel shopper wherever they are, with the right message and the right reward.

Kate Burns, Chief Digital Officer, tcc said, “This exciting partnership between tcc China and KargoCard signals the deep importance we hold for the Chinese market, and the evolution of our global digital partner strategy. The combination of tcc’s un-rivalled retail loyalty solutions and KargoCard’s powerful, data driven platform will bring a world leading opportunity for Chinese grocers and enhance shopper experience.”

Ted Hopkins, Head of Digital Partnerships, tcc said, “KargoCard is the right partner for tcc in China. Their scaled retail technology infrastructure integrate tcc’s best in class campaigns and rewards directly into the retailer’s omnichannel ecosystem. We are excited about our future opportunities with KargoCard in China.”

Ashmit Bhattacharya, Founder and CEO, KargoCard said, “tcc adds tremendous value to KargoCard’s retail technology platforming enabling retailers to bring rewards and loyalty programs that surprise and delight their customers. We are excited to be working with tcc in bringing these solutions to market in China.”

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