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Tailored solutions for specific regions, on priority for Omnicom Media Group’s Cheuk Chiang

Cheuk Chiang, Omnicom Media Group

Omnicom Media Group announced a new regional structure last week, making Cheuk Chiang the new Chief of the APAC region. While Chiang will take on his new mandate only from June 3, 2013, DMA engages him in a conversation on the thought process behind these changes and what they mean for Omnicom Media Group in days to come.

At the outset, Chiang believes that under the new structure, Omnicom Media Group’s Platforms (digital practice) division is poised to see more growth. In a conversation with DMA, Chiang explained, “Especially as new platforms rise, you will see further growth. There will be a greater focus towards driving growth tailored to the specific regions. Each region has different levels of sophistication and the aim will be to raise the bar across the network.” Lee Smith continues to be the head of Platforms for APAC in this new structure.

For Omnicom Media Group APAC, the new structure has not just been about appointing new leaders but a new sub-regional structure has emerged from this overhaul. Chiang explained, “Under the new structure, two sub-regional assignments covering Greater China and South East Asia are being added, in addition to Australia and New Zealand.”

As is known, Omnicom Media Group in Australia and New Zealand has been under the leadership of Leigh Terry since 2011. Terry has been with the company since 1998, when he had joined one of Omnicom Media Group agencies, OMD, in 1997 as the head of Digital in the UK market.

Two key changes of this structure include Jasmin Sohrabji, CEO of OMG India, adding new responsibilities for other South East Asia markets. Similarly, Doug Pearce, CEO of OMG China, will add Greater China responsibilities overseeing Hong Kong and Taiwan. Sohrabji, Pearce and Terry will be responsible for the overall development and growth of their markets and report to Chiang. The new structure will be in effect from June 3, 2013.

The gap created by Chiang’s move into the media holding company role has been filled with the appointment of Susana Tsui who would be responsible for PHD APAC. Tsui however will assume the new role from August 2013. Steve Blakeman will continue to lead OMD APAC as its CEO.

The outgoing CEO for Omnciom Media Group APAC, Barry Cupples, will move on take the position of CEO, Global Investment and Accountability, a new role at an Omnicom Media Group Executive Board level.

Chiang believes that the new structure allows for greater management focus for the company. He said, “We are growing quickly and the structure allows for focus towards driving talent, product, innovation and service.”

Needless to say, the year ahead is going to be an interesting one for the Omnicom Media Group APAC region as the new leadership structure settles in.