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The new buzzword: Enterprise mobility

Mobile enterpriseEmbracing enterprise mobility to manage a business is a trend catching up rapidly among all organisations – big and small. It is making business flows seamless and life, much easier. If a business has a consistent mobile platform for the enterprise-wide team, one access on-demand tools needed for expedient communication, efficient data sharing, optimum security, and state-of-the-art options for easy remote collaboration. The business as a whole greatly benefits from such advanced technologies and new business apps. In taking a consistent mobile approach to manage the business and people, one can exercise complete autonomy using:

  •  Cloud technology options for data storage and backup
  •  Consistent robust apps for business
  • Full integration for apps, messaging, multicasting communication options, social media for business, and more
  • Manage mobile devices remotely
  •   On-demand collaboration tools
  • Perform in a secure, high-speed environment
  •  Single source for consistent communications

Business owners have been motivated to test and adopt the advantages of enterprise mobility for its progressiveness.  This is especially true in not only the money it can save them by adopting new technologies to be more efficient, but more importantly the positive impact it has towards increased employee productivity. It is important to understand that as technologies evolve, businesses must too.

Business apps on the go

Most smartphone productivity apps are designed for enterprise businesses. According to Forbes, there will be over 4 billion worldwide users of apps by 2017. Identifying critical business apps now may be a valuable process for the future. Take a look at these business categories iPhone, Android or Blackberry have to offer:

  • Business Tools & Time Tracking
    • Blackberrry Enterprise IM — consistent Instant Messaging with your staff
    • Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, BBC, etc. — current business updates
    • Box — fast, secure file sharing
    • Cisco Webex Meetings — on-demand web conferencing
    • Concur — travel and expenses management
    • IT Manager — network admin tasks
    • mReminder — add 1-click reminders from other apps
    • Scan to PDF Free — scan photos to PDF format
  • Data Collection
    •  Business Card Reader — scan business cards for your contacts
    •  Clipboard History — back up your copied and pasted text
    • Data Backup — back up critical data
    • Fancy Text — free, fancy text options
    •  Meeting Recording — store your meeting notes
    • Mobile Pulse — mobile data monitoring
  • Sales & Service
    • E-mail Auto Responder — automated email replies
    • Group Messages — contact the team
    • Salesforce Classic — mobile access to Salesforce
    • SalesNOW — contracts and deals management
    • SMS Color LED — add customised, bright colors to your mobile LED
    • Yellow Pages Live — on-demand yellow pages
    • ZOPIM — live chat option

Staying on top of emerging trends and technologies is always the wisest decision a business owner can make for the growth of their company and employees. By providing mobility in the workplace, employers stand to gain tremendously.  In a global marketplace, companies cannot afford to fall behind the growing practice of using the uniqueness of these apps to make the most of their business and employees that proves to be a particularly wise investment for encouraging growth and innovation.  In summary, higher technology will help an employee develop new skills and improve the overall quality of a company’s culture.

The author,  Henry Tinsley, teaches business courses and ESL.