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Trending in India: From ‘Lollipop’ to ‘GetInked’…

Various things in India are causing a buzz right from Google’s launch of Nexus 6 and its upgraded Android operating system – ‘Lollipop’ to State election frenzy in Maharashtra and Haryana that is pushing millions of India go out and vote. We picked #Lollipop and #GetInked as top trends on Twitter this week to tell us what India is talking about.

Twitter is flooded with tweets from eager users sharing news on Android 5.0 or Lollipop operating system by Google. The technology giant aggressively pushed for one of its most ambitious launch and ensured that Android users do not miss on the buzz, by using the services of the micro-blogging site.

Google’s Lollipop and along with upgrade of its Nexus phone line got the attention of mobile users in India. People were inquiring, sharing information and experiences and posting comments related to the upgrade, all followed by #Lollipop to connect with users on the social media platform.

Lately, such trends have gathering interest with rise in number of smartphone users in India . But only time will tell us about the success and the appeal of the new upgrades. Rest assured however that Google’s message has been well received by all concerned users as it approached one of the most popular social networking platform in India. Reviews will follow the launch, whether positive or negative will depend on the product but Twitter will welcome comments from all.

On the social front, ‘Getinked’ was successful in fetching a large number of tweets from Indian with the backdrop of election fever gripping the country. Following the general elections of 2014 in April-May, people’s interest in socio-political scenario of the country has increased manifold getting comments in forms of Tweets, Facebook statuses and communities on social networking platforms.

This week, state elections in Maharashtra and Haryana got ‘GetInked’  trending on Twitter with film celebrities such as Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Kapoor among various others, posting pictures of their inked finger after casting vote. Further, pictures of people waiting in queue to cast vote contributed massively to twitter feeds under ‘GetInked’.

Both, Lollipop for the technology savvy smartphone users and GetInked for voters in Maharashtra and Harayana were successful in keeping Twitter users hooked this week. Lollipop was pushing user to stay abreast with updates on Android devices while GetInked was committed to get a higher turnout on the polling day. Topics are varied but unarguable supported the massive reach of the platform and its influence on the digital connected consumers in India.