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Trending in India: From #PlayingItMyWay to #YesWeAreSerious

This week in India was all about sports and politics with social media users glued to their smartphones, tablets and computers ‘tweeting’ to share their view on the top trends on Twitter and Facebook. Across a wide array of topics, two topics that stood out, and were also doing the rounds on social media platforms like Twitter this week, were #PlayingItMyWay and #YesWeAreSerious.

#PlayingItMyWay which managed to keep social media users hooked on to their devices. ‘Playing It My Way’ is the title of India cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s highly anticipated autobiography. Attention of India cricket fans is guaranteed when Sachin Tendulkar  finally reveals his 20 year long career and everything before and beyond it. On Twitter and Facebook, users shared link to the video where Mr Tendulkar is talking about his book.

Ecommerce players too seized the opportunity and started tweeting following the trend #PlayingItMyWay. While Flikpart was posting ads for the autobiography prompting the interested reader to buy a copy of the book online and get 35 per cent discount, Amazon urged them to add ‘Playing It My Way’ to their wish list.

Nevertheless, Twitter has served as a platform for sharing book review as well. While interested fans expressed their excitement for #PlayingItMyWay, there was another lot who shared their thoughts which were good, bad and ugly, after reading the book.

Further, a large portion of media frenzy was also dedicated to Robert Vadra this week with #YesWeAreSerious trending on Twitter this week, Social media users used social media platfoms to vent out their anger after Robert Vadra unleashed his on a journalist. An India Journalist questions him on the land deals at an event, Mr Vadra shouted “Are you serious?” and jostled the microphone.

This action was caught was on camera and played in loop on television channels and the Indian media further intensified the issue expressing its dissent against it. Social media users weren’t far behind when they divulged into the discussion through Twitter and got #YesWeAreSerious trending as the top trend for the week.

Audiences in India had much to talk about this week — from the #soapdeal where Snapdeal’s delivery disaster turned into an ad campaign or whether it was Robert Vadra in headlines for the wrong reason, again. We will continue to track the industry and let you know what is ‘Trending in India’ next week, until then enjoy your weekend!