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Brands in India get SeventyNine for mobile ads

If as a brand you are looking for greater acceptance and reach of your mobile advertising initiatives in India, then check out SeventyNine, the latest mobile media distribution and analytics platform brought into the Indian market by Vun Networks. The new platform and entity SeventyNine will be driven by Deven Dharamdasani, co-founder and chief operating officer, and Manish Vij of Vun Networks as the founding director.

Informing about the launch of this platform, Deven Dharamdasani , co-founder & COO of Seventynine said, “New forms of media are transforming the way advertising works. With growing consumer expectations, this shift was always on the cards. In this highly engaging ecosystem, no abiding channel holds more potential than the humble yet powerful mobile device.” Manish Vij, founding director, SeventyNine, further added, “The era of advertising is transforming at a vivacious pace. Traditional advertising channels are being replaced by new media formats that exhume content in multiple ways. There is a paradigm shift in channelling and levelling market and brand imagery to consumers, which has greatly improved over the last few years in digital media.”

So what is this uniquely named platform? Dharamdasani responds, “The human body apparently has 78 body parts. The mobile has become the 79th and hence, the name SeventyNine.” Basically it is a cross-platform Pay-for-performance mobile network that offers a robust base to enable App downloads and provides higher reach and visibility to brands. According to Dharamdasani, SeventyNine will engage with brands that have not yet explored app as a business with its M-Establishment, bringing conceptualisation, development and delivery of full-bodied mobile applications across platforms. For publishers SeventyNine will rake-up high performance advertising slots to increase monetization.

The company plans to soon roll out new media advertising formats on mobile. Using SeventyNine, advertisers and publishers will be able to expend an all-inclusive free-to-use analytics right out of the box. It will help track data from the media acquisition phase through to usage and behaviour metrics. It also gives a new way to consume and propel media objectives into the format-hungry mobile media market.

SeventyNine’s team comprises of media planners, industry specialists, data gurus and product experts from the field of analytics, media optimisation and inventory buying across the digital space, along with experience in large-scaled product development and services management.