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We are beginning to see great craft in Cyber now: Jury Prez Bob Greenberg

Bob Greenberg, R/GA

The Cyber Lions category saw APAC agencies do well this year though most of it has come on the back of McCann Melbourne’s ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ campaign, which has scored three Grand Prix at the Festival already though not in the Cyber Lions category. Cyber Lions Jury President, Bob Greenberg, Founder, R/GA is specially optimist about the kind of work he sees this year because for him, the work in Cyber Lions has finally begun to see craft.

Cyber Jury has awarded two Grand Prix this year.

One was to Pereira & O’Dell San Francisco for the entry ‘Beauty Inside’ for Intel- Toshiba. In a conversation with DMA, Greenberg explained what worked for these winners. “The first piece ‘Beauty Inside’ is such a good example of storytelling, which has finally made its way in a very sophisticated way to Cyber.”

The campaign is the story of a person who keeps changing the outside appearance but inside is still the same person, which is Intel. “It was a great rendition of the ‘Intel Inside’ tagline. We all feel that there has been a real change in terms of quality and interest in storytelling in video. This is not new but it is new to have this quality in this category and we wanted to celebrate that,” added Greenberg.

The second Grand Prix was to Draft FCB New York for Mondelez International, entry titled ‘Oreo Daily Twist’. Greenberg observed “Mondelez was celebrating for Oreo’s 100th birthday, and for that the agency did innovative metaphors around interesting aspects of the Oreo cookie and they brought it across all the platforms from TV to massive social interaction. Every platform was covered very well.”

Greenberg asserted that the concepts around both Grand Prix whether it was the stories or whether it was the Oreo campaign was incredibly well crafted and was great rendition across every channel.”

For the work entered from Asia Pacific, Greenberg said, “It was good to see the work coming in from different markets, and the Dumb Ways to Die was a very good piece of work, which is why it was awarded so many Golds but the jury was unanimous on the Grand Prix winners for the incredible amount of great craft that was seen in both the works.”