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What clicks for brands’ mobile apps in India?

Do you keep logging on to Goggle Play store or Apple’s App store for checking newly launched gaming apps and does similar behaviour work for customised mobile app for brands such as Amazon, Snapdeal, and Dulux, among others. The content of the mobile app and the offers on the app greatly impacts the effectiveness of the strategy but here let’s look into mobile app discovery for brands and what marketers can do to leverage this emerging trend in the digital marketing industry in India.

Market experts argue that customised mobile applications are more effective in communicating the marketing message to its consumers than marketing on traditional or social media. But one of concerns that continue to haunt marketers is that – ‘After we build the app, will consumers use it?’. One of the major challenges for app developers is not only app creation but making it discoverable to the consumers.

Several platforms are engaged in the task of making the mobile app discoverable to the users, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the mobile app. Platforms engaged in data and analysis can contribute to the reach of the mobile app as such platforms help in targeting the application to the right audience where the chances for conversion into a transaction via the mobile application are maximum.

According to a study by Nielsen, search has emerged to be the top app discovery tool as 63 per cent of the app discovery on Android and iOS platform is driven by search in app stores followed by suggestions of friends and family with 53 per cent for Android and 61 per cent for Apple users. Nevertheless, marketers can design innovative techniques to attract users for the app.

Anuj Kumar, Affle India

Anuj Kumar, Affle India

“There are several companies in Asia who are embracing mobile strategy, they are building their mobile applications and engaging consumers on their platform to drive sales,” said Anuj Kumar, Co-founder and Managing Direct at Affle India, a mobile advertising platform that help create an app, drive consumers and generate profits.

The line between brands and publishers is merging as they have to ensure that they are delivering the desired quality of content and experience to its end user on the mobile platform, according to Mr Kumar.

Advancement in the digital community has been instrumental in promoting app discovery in the Indian advertising world. Social media may not be equally effective in terms of marketing but it can help in contributing to the mobile app discovery among the mobile internet consumers in India. One of the major flaws with social media is that it may not always generate positive responses. It is a networking platform for the people where they have the right to share their grievances too.

“WeChat has become a platform for discovery of mobile app and other such related services. Mobile messaging platforms can solve the problem of app discovery. Also, the gaming division in mobile phones can be utilised for amplifying the reach of mobile apps to the consumers,” said Nilay Arora, Country Head at WeChat India.

Nilay Arora, WeChat

Nilay Arora, WeChat

Mobile apps help brands in creating a more direct relationship with the consumer which drives brand loyalty and re-visits to the application. Marketers need to constantly track the app downloads and conversation rate of transaction via the mobile app to promote better targeting.

Mobile apps are emerging to be the new marketplace for the tech-savvy consumer as it brings the marketplace on his fingertips and it is the responsibility of the marketer to ensure that the services are available to the consumer and he must innovate according in the digital age to stay ahead in competition.