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Why Future Lions stand out @Cannes Lions

  • In this video blog, Rohit Dadwal speaks on Future Lions & its relevance in today's scenario

It has been a wonderful week – a lot of party, sleepless nights but a lot of learning. There is enough learning that I can sit and review for the next three months and apply to the year ahead.

One of the key learnings, and if I were to call out to something, is Future Lions. I had a privilege of attending the Future Lions, and witness some of the great work that the next generation, or the Millennials are doing. They really have taken technology to enhance lives of people, which is great. May be because they are born in the age of technology, it comes to them more naturally and they are able to think beyond what we often see but some of the work from Future Lions truly makes an impact on humanity itself.

Rohit Dadwal

The author, Rohit Dadwal, is the Managing Director of Mobile Marketing Association APAC.