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YouTube rolls out new spot on how Aussies are learning from video

VMLY&R has launched a new campaign for YouTube that showcases the stories of three incredible Aussies – Charles Lomu, Macinley Butson and Eddie Woo – who have had a profound impact on their communities, by using YouTube as an educational platform to learn and teach.

“More and more Aussies are coming to YouTube to learn with educational videos generating hundreds of millions of views,” said Head of YouTube Marketing for Australia and New Zealand, Mark Wheeler. “I am always inspired by hearing people’s personal stories about what they have learned on YouTube and then gone on to achieve. In the words of Eddie Woo, “YouTube is democratising education”. We wanted to tell some of these stories to share with Aussies that information is simply a ‘how to’ search away.”

To tell the remarkable stories of Charles, Macinley and Eddie, YouTube turned to VMLY&R and Versus Media. The campaign is comprised of three long form online videos. The stories were built using YouTube’s ‘Unskippable Advertising’ principles, designed over countless advertising experiments to educate story makers and advertisers on how to grab and hold people’s attention in an age where attention is an endangered resource.

VMLY&R joint CEO Aden Hepburn said, “Six-second content is the new normal and there is certainly a war for attention, however audiences still crave long-form content. Winning your audience’s’ attention from the get-go and maintaining it throughout, with a heart-beat story arc, is the key to making engaging content in today’s content saturated marketplace

The videos launched on YouTube on May 8 – see the videos and read more about Charles’, Macinley’s and Eddie’s stories on the Google Australia blog.